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It is worth to someone visited our area for the following attractions

1) the Crickets

2) Delphi

3) Nafpaktos:

- The well-preserved castle on the hill with the pine forest behind the town.
- The Venetian harbor.
- The clock
- The statue of Miguel de Cervantes,
- The traditional houses in the city center and cobblestone alleys.
- The old family mansion Botsari has turned into a private museum.
- The nearby Rio-Antirrion.
Fetish mosque

4) Churches and monasteries:

-Holy Monastery of Panagia Varnakova municipality Efpaliou
Church-Trinity Mountain Koumares: panoramic views Patras and Corinth Gulf
-Monastery of Augustine and Seraphim Sarov in Trikorfo Fokidos
-Byzantine church Agios Ioannis Efpaliou: June festival and is ideal for trip


1) Re-enactment of the Battle of Lepanto in October
2) Procession of epitaphs of Lepanto encountered the Venetian port
3) The bazaars: start every year on the feast of St. Demetrios protector of the city and last five days.